Nasi Lemak!

All this talk about Punggol reminds me of one of my favourite dishes: nasi lemak! And especially, Punggol Nasi Lemak!

Beautifully fried chicken and eggs, freshest vegetables, carefully prepared curries - even standing in the queue alone is enough to drive you mad with desire. Been one of my most favourite eating places ever since I was living near Kovan almost 10 years ago. I'm happy that it remains a popular hangout. They have newspaper clippings to let us know that once upon a time, they used to charge 20cents for just chilli and rice if you're really down and out.

If you haven't tried this dish yet - you cannot say that you're a true Nasi Lemak aficionado. So don't take my word for it, go now, go today, go to Upper Serangoon road for this famous delight!

Just don't go on Thursdays (i think) cause that's when they're closed.


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