10 reasons to unlike and stop reading TRS

The "Real" Singapore is a disgrace to Singapore. Those of us who are sane, responsible and actually do think through our thoughts will find the material from TRS offensive and distasteful.

Internet service providers should consider banning the site.

Here are just 10 reasons why TRS is the filth it is and why you should unlike the scandals site straight away.

10. Twisting of messages

For example: Grace Fu (of the Prime Minister's Office) had told reporters that MediShield Life are "...major policies that the PA has to work hard to explain."

Here's what the TRS did to her:

Anything to make someone look bad.

9. Outright plagarism

Almost all of their articles are clipped from other sites on the internet. They will take your article in its entirety and publish it, leaving you a small worthless link to your site as a credit. It is like after they've robbed you of your money... and leaving you a dollar to take a bus home.

It has been reported that if you're an innocent blogger who's requesting for them to take down the article, they'll reply you rudely with a "Who do you think you are? Even the Prime Minister doesn't even dare ask us to take down our articles!"

We're hoping for some big media company to sue them.

Here's an example:

It is plagiarism. 

And Google does help to remove some of their articles. 

If you see your article being plagiarised by TRS, read more about how to deal with them here: http://labnol.blogspot.sg/2006/07/dealing-with-website-plagiarism-when.html

8. Every mildly positive articles starts with “PAP supporter says…”

7. Like buying

Their likes increased from zero to 100k overnight shortly after the elections. Every now and then, even if it is a slow news day, their numbers increase by blocks of hundreds or thousands.

Sure, it may be suspected like buying. But why suspect anymore? If they're doing things to escape Facebook's spam detection, why not lodge a complaint to Facebook yourself? 

Find out how to do so here: http://www.wikihow.com/Contact-Facebook

6. It is run by vulgar mouthed Alex Tan

5. They are eager for the demise of LKY

Respect TRS. Get some.

4. They (very frequently) objectify women, using sex and women to boost their views. In the most distasteful manner

3. Facts are often wrong or omitted

They say 6000....

When Yahoo Singapore says....

...it is actually 3k....

2. TRS is making a lot of money from your viewership 

1. Time and again, they have gotten into trouble with their articles

At least Stomp has some form of journalistic integrity. TRS is just pathetic. 

Stop reading TRS. Stop sharing TRS. There's even a bunch of people who want them out of Singapore, do give them a like here: https://www.facebook.com/shutdowntrs


  1. For Point 10, you can find more cases of this on Shut Down TRS. They often twist words of others to stir anger and for their own agenda.

    For Point 9, they would only tell you the source of their articles only if they are from big media companies (which TRS is afraid of). TRS frequently copies from local MSM, and even more frequently from STOMP.

    These can also be found on Shut Down TRS.

    For Point 3, that's censorship by TRS.

    Thanks for sharing Shut Down TRS.

  2. There is also another piece too. A large compilation of why we should stop supporting TRS.



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