Of politics and the politics of money...

Here are some "whys" that I have:

Why are Roy Ngerng, Leong Sze Hian, Gilbert and Han Hui Hui always seen to be organising things together?

And why is it that whenever they release publications, or are faced with criticism, The Real Singapore is always so quick to be to their rescue? 

Now - The Real Singapore has click through advertisements by both Google and maybe even paid commercial entities. You can hide anything from print publishing, but you can’t really hide things from the internet.

They are estimated to make $7k USD a month. Where is this money going? 

Alex Tan used to be from the SDP. And so was Vincent… apparently they have resigned from the party, but what are the links?

We know that Jolovan Wham is a lover of Vincent. But why does Vincent have intimate photographs taken with M. Ravi? What is their relationship really?

When I sat down to draw it out, I think the relationships are rather interesting: 

It looks messy doesn’t it? But trails of deceit are meant to be - so that tracks are hidden and people find it hard to cover.

I’ll start by saying, this is in no means an accusation. If anything, these are questions. Questions as to how these organisations and people are related, and bigger questions of why, who and what is the agenda?

Is it money?

Is it politics?

And whilst we’re on this topic… does anyone remember this relationship diagram about the SDP?

As politics heats up in Singapore, with more citizens being aware and taking a stand, having a voice… sometimes, these questions just begs to be answered. 


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