Changes in Aljunied - Part 1

Saw this going around FB - insights of Aljunied when they were took over by the opposition:

I will like to create public awareness regarding the mediocre estate maintenance in Worker's Party Ward, Paya Lebar Division.

The condition of the estate is definitely not as it was promised during elections by the worker's party candidates. I do see a strong need that the reality of the situation to be made aware to the public.

Attached pictures of conditions of estate after nearly 2 years of AJHTC management. Benchmarking the last town council management standard, the existing town council management fall far short of expectations.  Deteriorating paint work, poor cleanliness conditions and reactive/mediocre estate maintenance is affecting the living conditions of the residents in the estate.

Additional Points points to share:

Reactive Estate Maintenance:
1) lightings replacement - within 18 months - personally made 4 calls to Town councils to replace blown light bulbs
2) Lifts with no lighting - 07 Jan 2013 Blk 161 Hougang St 11. Lift A with totally no lights, an avenue for crime to take place
3) Falling door on MSCP - Safety Hazards for residents, require to contact TC to remove falling door

Poor Town Council Management:
1) No response and follow up on e-mail
Emails to Town council receives acknowledgement without follow up and closures, when follow up for response after 3 months, a sub standard response not indicating concrete corrective actions or measures on the issues raised were received.

Workers Party MPs:
1) Workers Party MPs using misleading termIn most WP Rally, WP MPs often mislead audiences using phrases that "they walk all the blocks in the constituency" creating misleading impression that they conduct door to door visits covering all units. However in reality, as residents in paya lebar ward, Blk 161 Hougang Street 11, No WP MPs has conducted house visit either prior to election or post elections. For residents in Serangoon garden estates, I was told that there are no sightings of their designated MPs too.

2) Workers Party MPs Focus
WP MPs have not demonstrated strong delivery of productive parliament debates citing reasons for lacking of resources. Nonetheless, the MPs are spending precious time in attending funerals and wedding of their constituency. Although a commendable efforts to engage residents, but that should not be at the expense of fulfilling a competent MP to deliver productive debate and manage local estate maintenance issues.


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