This is how the Opposition use social media for politics

In the light of the Facebook fiasco happening right now in the U.K. and U.S. , we’d like to highlight that it isn’t all clean and rosy here either.

The opposition does craftily use social media for funds and influence. Not that there’s anything wrong with funds and influence… except that political parties are required to declare their source of income, so as to avoid the sticky issue of foreign funding.

 Indeed The Online Citizen had been caught for receiving funds from British sources. They have been ordered by the MDA to return these funds.  However, how do we know whether or not the funds have been received by parties on their behalf?

 We have here a screenshot of one Lee Leng Kok whom had transferred some money to The Onlinline Citizen. If their books are not audited, how do we know if other third parties have been receiving on behalf of the TOC?

There have also been many, many fund raising activities on the internet by these chaps. From helping Roy Ngerng bail out, to paying for Han Hui Hui’s antics and even to fund Amos Yee’s immigration to the United States, how do we know that these funds are actually being used for the purposes they claim to be for?

Gilbert Goh had setup this site called “Rally GE2015 sponsorship to raise funds"…but funds for whom? Which party? There are restrictions on how political parties raise their money and a limit on how much they spend, so what has become of the surplus? Is it held on trust to be returned to the donors?

Gilbert must know that they owe a fiduciary duty to account for the funds. 

If it is for the purposes of the GE, he is not at liberty to use the money for any other purpose… such as to travel to Europe to meet with European Union Members of Parliament or to subsidise his flights to whatever country.

And on this point, I’d like to also question how the opposition is organising people on social media and how these groups are being paid and funded.

 These two guys run a secret page called “XX 察色” and in this page they are dedicated to creating material that has the objective of ridiculing everything a PAP politician says, without objective analysis.

This is a rabid group that has zero objectivity and exist merely to sling mud. Where is the time, resource and money coming from? This would be interesting to find out..

These characters like to think that they're immune to political scandals just by virtue of them being the opposition, they're wrong. They're just as exposed, just as vulnerable and just as accountable to the voting public for the actions.

And yes, we'd really, really like to know what the Opposition controlled TOC and Mr. Gilbert Goh has done with the funds received...and how they were audited.

Oh and if you'd like to meet some of them, here they are. They pretend to be coy little cats in public but watch them in their secret groups and you'll be throughly fascinated...


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