This SDP video demonstrates what’s wrong with opposition campaigns

The party infamous for its notoriety has just released a video dubbed “Ji Pa Ban’ (一百万)' or “A Million Dollars” in English. It features their party chief Chee Soon Juan singing about dreaming of having a million dollars.

Throughout the video, it sends a very clear message:

- you should be a millionaire in Singapore
- you’re entitled to be a millionaire
- you should be jealous of everyone else richer than you
- you should donate some money to the SDP if you had it

I’m not sure if these opposition parties are aware of it, but their campaigning (especially with messages like this) are brewing a generation who thinks that money should shore up in their bank accounts without having to work for it.

We’re encouraging a generation who thinks that “hey, since the country is so wealthy, shouldn’t I be getting free money too?”

Then they advocate finger pointing, blame shifting, name calling - everything to shove the problem to another party’s plate. All this instead of taking ownership of a mess.

Their supporters make a joke out of national issues. They do nothing to help their members and society think about the greater concerns, implications and options.

To these guys it is all just fun and games.

As you can tell I’m quite upset about this video that the SDP made. It just goes to demonstrate the poor quality of opposition we have in Singapore.

Oh by the way Chee: almost anyone who owns an HDB in Singapore is at least a quarter of a millionaire or on the way to fulfilling it. Anyone who owns a condo already is one.


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