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This is how the Opposition use social media for politics

In the light of the Facebook fiasco happening right now in the U.K. and U.S. , we’d like to highlight that it isn’t all clean and rosy here either.

The opposition does craftily use social media for funds and influence. Not that there’s anything wrong with funds and influence… except that political parties are required to declare their source of income, so as to avoid the sticky issue of foreign funding.

 Indeed The Online Citizen had been caught for receiving funds from British sources. They have been ordered by the MDA to return these funds.  However, how do we know whether or not the funds have been received by parties on their behalf?

 We have here a screenshot of one Lee Leng Kok whom had transferred some money to The Onlinline Citizen. If their books are not audited, how do we know if other third parties have been receiving on behalf of the TOC?

There have also been many, many fund raising activities on the internet by these chaps. From helping Roy Ngerng bail out, to paying for …

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